Thursday, July 2, 2009

1 Month!

Presley was 1 month old yesterday (or today if you count 31 days)...

She's doing really well. Not much of an update except that she celebrated with a scream fest. Since we're staying at Dre and Paw-Paw's (her grandparents) while our house is being painted, we had Dre (grandma) help calm Presley down. Paw-Paw was sure to tell Pres that "this is how your mommy was every day times 8 months!" and he didn't look like he was kidding or reminiscent! I seem to remember a similar story from Grandpa R about Jeremy. Luckily, Presley went down by 9pm. It was a trying hour or so, though.

Presley continues to grow everyday. She's hitting all the milestones she's supposed to and is a joy. Here are some pictures from a particularly fantastic bath time with the funny (but AWESOME) bathing implement her godmother, M, gave her.

Today, we're off to the post office to mail something to Daddy and then perhaps we will take an adventure around town!

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