Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's been too long!

Presley had her late 3 month well baby.
Well, ya'll, she is a whopping 13 lbs! 24 inches. And just perfect.
Except, she's found out she can SCREECH like a screech owl and my ears are bleeding. It's really the most shrill, terrible noise I have ever heard. It's really been hard to deal with. But I do!
I'll have to do a crunchy post next week of all the new diapers and things we've got. The Beco baby carrier came in and it is beautiful and now we're waiting on 10+ diapers in adorable prints. So much fun!
Presley just LOVES her great-grandmother. They hung out last night and this morning. She was all smiles and coos. Too cute.
We also went to visit cousin J for her baby shower. She is crunchy too and we had so much fun. Presley wore a GORGEOUS blue linen dress. Everyone just loved her. It was nice.
Presley also did some visiting and went to see her Great Great Aunt M and Great Great Uncle C! She had fun.
My sweet little baby is growing up! I've had to move her diapers up a snap, take out her carseat insert, and move the straps up! How do I make her stop growing?!
She's so much fun, very interactive, loves grabbing things and putting them in her mouth. And the DROOL! Oh, my. She's finally found how to suck her fingers but sometimes she gags herself. She still is not interested in pacifiers (woohoo!) but loves her nawnie (nursing) and nap playlist. She listens to Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Elvis, Death Cab, various country, James Taylor, and Poison when she's going to sleep.
She scares Zeke the dog and interests Reggie.
She likes bright colors and things that light up. She can wack buttons to make her play piano light up/make noise and she enjoys her bath still. She LOVES to splash.
Presley also enjoys mornings, she is happiest in the AM. She's still sleeping like a champ and won't see solid food for another 3-4 months. She'll likely never see juice for another 2 years if I can help it!
Presley will either be an Olive (her nickname), a ladybug, or a pumpkin. Anyone have an opinion?
Anyways, here are some pictures of our Olive.

With Reggie-Dog.

Playing with Benadine, her first doll.