Monday, June 29, 2009

4 weeks old!

Today is Presley's 4 week birthday. Wednesday, she is offically 1 month old! WOW.

Currently, she's napping in her pack n play. It's POURING rain right now and it is so dark so it's a good time to nap. Presley can hold her head up for longer and longer every day. Sometimes for a minute at a time. She's also VERY aware of her surroundings and enjoys being held facing out so that she can bobble her head all around and look at the world. It's really cute. Yesteday, I wanted to see about how much she weighed now (we'll find out on the 9th) and so I stepped on the scale alone (119lbs, yes!) and then stepped on with her (128lbs). That makes Pres about 9lbs, give or take. That's AWESOME. She's gained nearly 2 lbs since birth all on breastmilk (we're VERY proud of this). Co-Sleeping is getting better and better. The sling is working great too. Presley is also sometimes making noises that aren't crying. I don't think I'd call it babbling but it's close and it's ADORABLE. Soon, we'll make a video. She is still enjoying her baths and has not used her "Margaret" for the bath but we will make sure to do so to get a picture for Daddy and M.
Presley sleeps in 4 hour incriments at night which is really nice and since we breastfeed and co-sleep, Mommy doesn't really need to move in order to feed back to sleep.

Things are going really well, basically. Here are some pictures of Presley and Mom:

And for my blog-friends, NOT ME! Monday (created by MckMama)...

I most certainly did NOT eat some hard candy and brush it on Presley's lips, I would never ever do that to my 4 week old. Not me. I also do not continue to put on diapers I know will leak if my baby poops too much and hope they don't. Nah, no way. And me? I would not give my perfect, breastfeed, never know a plastic nipple baby a pacifier when she has gas. Not me. And I wouldn't let her pee in the tub and finish her bath instead of draining it and washing her off again. Nope. Not me. And I for sure didn't get my 4 week old her very own itouch and upload it with songs she loves, that would be ridiculous....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

3 Weeks Old!

I love you.

Unfortunately, Presley did not get to spend Father's Day with her Daddy. However, we made him an awesome present that we're sending soon. We hope he likes it. Presley's Daddy Jeremy is an amazing, amazing Daddy. He loves Presley and obviously would do anything for her. It is so awesome to see them together and interacting with each other. I loved it. Hopefully, we will see him soon.

Today Presley is 3 weeks old. She got two awesome gifts from her cousins in California and her Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in Colorado. I would post a picture of her using her gift from California but we've hit record heat here in New Orleans and Pres is currently JUST in diapers. It is literally THAT HOT. We used her other gift to get a really neat bouncer (we needed one!) that has an ipod dock on the side that plays the ipod while she bounces (necessary, right?). This isn't the cutest picture but it's the face she made when I put her in the bouncer for the first time. She's like "What the heck, mom?"

Presley's 1 month appointment is coming up, I can't wait to see how much she weighs, discuss how Jeremy and I have planned to do things with Presley (a less intense form of Attachment Parenting), and chart her progress. She's a champion at eating, that's for sure. All she does is nurse. And sleep. Not much other news.

Here's a picture of our princess today on her 3 week birthday!

Friday, June 19, 2009



Okay, I don't have a real update except that Presley is currently in her sling sleeping (the sling is on me) which makes day two of babywearing a win! Awesome. But, I took these pictures this AM after I took a bath (Presley was in the laundry basket with a pillow and blankie snoozing for my entire bath! What a sweetheart.) ANYWAYS, I decided to prop her up for some pictures for her Godmother, M, and I got some HILARIOUS shots. She's very, very alert these days. So I wanted to post those quickly.

M's mom got Presley these shoes. They're called Robeez and they're something Mommy really wanted for her. These are 0-6 size so they're really big on her but I thought a picture of her modeling them would be fun. She'll likely be wearing this brand/shoe until 12 months because they promote natural foot movement while still protecting little feet from elements. She's wearing my old nightgown.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Since Monday, a lot of exciting things have happened for Presley.
Tuesday, her umbilical cord stump fell off. Woohoo! Time for her first water bath (instead of wipe downs) and now we don't have to be so careful with her diapers. Here's a picture of her belly button without the icky cord:

Wednesday, Presley's cousins Arie and Mary Martin came to visit and Presley took them out to her first lunch outside of the house. She was fantastic, slept, ate, and slept some more. She took a trip with Grandma and Mommy to the Baby Boutique and got some pretty new dresses. When we got home, Lori and Thomas-Ross were waiting to visit. Presley might have a crush on T, he sang her songs and told her she was "so cute".

Thursday, Presley went to the toy store to get some Dennis cd's, out to a sushi lunch, and then took her very first bath! It went over really well. No crying until the end when she was hungry. Here are some pictures from bath time:

And here's a sweet picture of Presley on her playmat, looking in the mirror.
Hopefully, the excitement will continue!


Monday, June 15, 2009

2 weeks old!

Today is Presley's two week birthday. I can hardly believe it. Coupled with the fact that mommy has lost nearly all of her baby weight, it doesn't seem real.

We celebrated today with a visit from Presley's Great-Grandmother and her Great Uncle who drove in from Welsh, Louisiana. She slept through most of the visit (but everyone got to hold her) and only got fussy when she was hungry towards the end.

Then, a surprise visitor came around 6pm. Mommy's friend, Mea, who will be in France until December stopped by to hold Presley for an hour and visit.

Tomorrow, Presley's other Great-Grandmother is coming to visit with her Great Aunt and then we have to pick Uncle Roth up from the airport.

We're going to try and see how Presley does in her ring sling tomorrow, also. She seemed to love being her Moby with Daddy but has not appriciated such activities with Mommy.

Presley also had a bath today and it went off without a hitch! She didn't cry once and Gramdre (we're still working on "cool" grandmother names) managed to slather her in baby lotion. I also think her cord stump may come off soon as I found a bit of blood on her diaper and onesie and rushed to my "What To Expect: The First Year" to make sure I didn't need to call Dr. Hales. Thank goodness, it's only a sign that the cord may be falling off soon. Very exciting, we'll be able to start REAL baths then. I hope Presley finds as much comfort in them as I do. She sure didn't like them too hot when she was just a lil belly bub.

Hopefully, everything tomorrow will go smoothly. Generally, Presley's timing is impeccable.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Presley is 2 weeks old tomorrow and still perfect and wonderful.
She sleeps "through the night", rarely cries, loves to nurse, loves walks, and enjoys time with her Daddy, Uncle, Grandmother, and Grandfather.
She had a 1 week a visit with Dr. Hales and she gained 7 ounces. She was 7lbs 12 oz Tuesday and has probably hit 8lbs or close to 8lbs by this time. The doctor says she is in the 25%-50% for weight and height. So, again, she's spot on. Her hair is still abundant and looking blond (thanks, Daddy!), and her eyes are still newborn blue (??).

Here are some pictures:

Presley Andree Hainkel-Schweitzer

Presley Andree Hainkel-Schweitzer
June 1, 2009
7lbs 5ozs, 19.5 inches
Apgar 8 & 9.
Born at 1:13pm @ 39 weeks 4 days
Due date (6/4/2009)
Touro Hospital: New Orleans, Louisiana
Delivered by Dr. Von Almen

With Mommy.

With Daddy.