Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July and ALMOST 5 weeks old.

Presley made her first trip out of state yesterday. She went to the always classy state of Mississippi to meet some cousins! It's only about an hour and 15 minutes from New Orleans to get to Bay St. Louis. Her Great-Great Grandparents (who died only about 7 or 8 years ago) had two houses on the Bay. Hurricane Katrina decimated them. All of them, all the furniture, memories, everything gone. Unfortunately, her great-great aunt lived only a few blocks down and she lost her house too along with her son and Presley's great-grandmother. So, we went out to the property where Great (her double Great) Uncle J brought his RV and we set up lots of chairs in the shade and some food and there was a boat and jetski. Presley slept the entire way there, the entire time we were there (and yes, I had her outside in the 99 degree heat the majority of the time, she was fine), ate twice, and slept the entire way back. Everyone said she was SO beautiful and commented on her red hair. Also in attendence were her two new cousins, B and A born in January about 3 days apart. B is a girl and she's adorable. A is a boy and he's 5.5 months and 17 lbs. Biggest baby I have ever seen. Presley has another girl cousin on the way in November so that's pretty exciting!
She also got to meet her Great, Great Uncle (he's ONLY 50) B's 5 kids, and 3 other school-age cousins. She didn't get to see Cousin G's 4 girls or Aunt J's 3 girls but that's okay. She met lots of relatives. It was very exciting.
She came home, ate, and slept from about 6-12am. She woke up around 12, nursed, and slowly went back to sleep. She ate again around 4 am and then again around 745 am and went back down for a nap around 9 am and is sleeping now.

She REALLY needs a bath, though.

Tuesday marks Presley's 1 month doctor visit. I haven't checked for sure, but I think she MAY get a shot. I need to call and ask. Poor baby.

Anyways, we idiotically did not get any pictures yesterday despite having the camera but I have some from the week. I think it was too hot for anyone to want to take a picture anyways.

Here's Pres in her Raiders onesie. She's mostly a Saints fan but she knows Daddy loves the Raiders so she cheers when they play.

One of Presley's boyfriends, E, gave her these sweet Nike's that he's outgrown. They're a size or two too big (and mommy doesn't think heavy shoes are good for little feet) but they're HILARIOUS.

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