Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The poopy to end all poopies.

Presley's been having constipation issues which have cause some poopy build up and then MAJOR poopies and a few blowouts. This blowout was AMAZING. That's right, I took a picture. I was so amazed at how quickly it spread (she was sitting on my lap so the gravity would help her) all over the clean onesie I just worked so hard to get on (she HATES things on her head) and the new diaper I just put on. In the picture, she's on the pack n play changing table. Right after I took her, with the cloth diaper under her, and put her on her bath sponge that we don't use because we have the Margaret. I turned the water on and stared at her. How was I going to get all of the things off without getting poop on me? What was I thinking trying to figure THAT out? Presley, however, was happy as could be. It wasn't a bad clean up (not as bad as the time she blew out on my crotch) but it was ALL OVER HER. So, that's a picture for her first boyfriend.

Presley has her first 1 month well baby visit Friday (or Thursday, I forget) and I can't wait to see how much she weighs. I was thinking she was gaining until we met cousin A who is, again, 17 lbs at 4.5 months old. She's also still fitting in newborn diapers (although we stopped buying them because they don't hold the poop) and outfits. Her 3 month clothes are way too big.

Speaking of diapers, I'm thinking I want to cloth diaper Presley. Before you roll your eyes, they make really state of the art cloth diapers these days. No pins, no folding. They make all in one (AIO), covers and inserts that can just be washed. They're cheaper in the long run but initially quite expensive. Mommy cannot afford to just buy them. So, we've got a few people willing to sell their second hand. Hopefully, we can get ahold of some and try it out. If I can get enough saved up and start building a diaper stash before she's 3 months, I'll be happy. Her heiney will be happy too because disposable diapers are gross.

Anyways, Miss Presley will be 6 WEEKS OLD Monday! Can you believe? I can't. She's just getting so old. Sometimes she does things and I see her Daddy, it's funny. Mostly, though, she cracks me up even when she's screaming and won't go to sleep because her tummy hurts. Luckily, I sleep at night pretty much.

This is Presley's GIMMIE SOME MILK MOMMY! face:

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