Sunday, July 19, 2009

Truckin Along...

We live such a hard life...

We're just truckin...Presley's 7 weeks old tomorrow and doing great. She's not chub like other babies, I've noticed. She's slim and tiny (she's not tiny, really, she's nearly 10 lbs but she's not a big girl either). I like it. We're excepting 4 of the 6 ebay diapers tomorrow and the other 2 by Friday and they're REALLY cute and hopefully they don't leak so I can't wait to get a picture.

Today we went to Target and Presley got her first two pairs of Baby Legs. They're like bitty people leggins. She looks like she could dance in the baby version of FAME! (if only she could get that wobbly head to stop wobblying!) and they'll be useful later when she starts to crawl. They're good because she doesn't wear pants (except for the sweet gold adidas track pants we got at BRU for $3 recently) but sometimes gets cold. Here's a picture of her cloth booty and new Baby Legs:The other pair are green with polka dots and little frogs. She likes to wear them when she's "hoppy". HAHA.

Here are the HILARIOUS gold pants that I'm pretty sure her grandmother stole and hid somewhere because I haven't seen them since the night she got them. Either way, they make her look like Miami Vice baby. Baby pants are the most awkward article of clothing ever made. The legs are all fat and flared and the waise goes up to their neck and they're very short. I could just giggle all day LOOKING at them.

This week Presley has had many firsts, here are some of them:

-Presley recieved her first smocked dress today (pictures soon).
-Presley wore her first monogrammed dress.*
-Presley slept through the night last night (12am-630am) for the first time.
-Presley stayed with her grandmother for the first time for over an hour without Mommy.
-Presley wore her first pair of pants (see: gold pants above).
-Presley got her first manicure (read: Dre cut her nails because she was hurting Mommy).
-Presley talked to Daddy on the phone for the first time.

Presley and I spent the weekend sleeping in really late (11 and 12!) and doing a bit of shopping and visiting. Friday night was really hard on Mommy and she said some bad words but we got through it. Here's the sleeping lady last night with her custom "P" jammies:

She's really got nicer clothes than I do which is a bit unnerving but only the best for Miss P. Another thing that is is exciting is that Presley has about a million dresses that fit right now so she always looks adorable. Here she is showing off a sweet dress but accidentally flashing her camera. The look on her face says "Oh, dear! My diaper is showing, how do I scoot to fix this? I have not mastered sitting up unassisted quite yet..."

Another thing Presley was doing recently was watching TV. Yes, I caught her and her grandmother red handed. Presley is not allowed to watch television until she is way older and only for very short periods of time. I scolded them (not really) but not before capturing this gem:

Finally, Presley leaves the house a lot. It's not all pretty dresses, TV, and sleeping. Often, she is in her carseat jetting around town and shopping at Target or capturing the attention of half of Borders upon arrival (sleeping in a sling, mind you!)...

Mostly, though, she's a sweet sleepy girl. I absolutely LOVE waking up and going to sleep with my girl. And Reggie's there to keep my feets warm and toasty...

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