Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pensacola, Florida

Hello from Florida!!!

We're soaking up the sun! Not really, Presley has delicate skin and has been to the pool once and she napped the entire time. She did go on a long walk with Grandpa yesterday, though. We're having fun! Presley decided she hates her bottles of expressed breastmilk and really put her grandmother through a time while mom was getting a massage.

Ah, well.

Presley is 10 weeks old Monday and has a doctor's appointment. She's not rolling yet but has FANTASTIC head control and SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT so who can complain? She doesn't even really nurse to sleep which, while sad and frustrating, is also good. Not much has changed. She can roll from her back to her side but she's completely uninterested in any other maneuvering.

She enjoys the new hold I figured out for her ring sling:

And it usually makes her sleep:

Oh! I know something new! Presley is drooling and blowing spit bubbles. Exciting, right?

This evening she'll go to the beach to take sweet pictures in a dress with me and I'll post those and her bathing suite pictures as well as her POSSIBLY in the pool.

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