Saturday, August 1, 2009

2 Months old!

Presley is 2 months old today, can you believe it?!

Days like today really solidify my belief in Attachment Parenting. Presley has cried for MAYBE 2 minutes TOTAL today. It seems SO important to always let her know that she isn't crying for nothing. I'm glad we're practicing this theory, it seems to be working very well. I am extremely pleased.
Well, our bags are packed, we're headed to the beach! I'm going to attempt some sweet beach pictures but we'll see how it goes, Presley leads the way on this one!
Otherwise, not much is going on. Lots of new sounds, no rolling (yet!), better head control:

Trips to the salon to get a pedicure:

And just making funny faces:

Seriously, her hair does that EVERYTIME I wash it. It stays all curley for two days. I cannot make it stop. It looks funny but I look like a don't comb her hair when we go out, slightly frustrating.

Sassy! I call this face The Daddy. I think it looks just like a baby Jeremy.

Today, Presley ate a (slept through me eating) hamburger at Lee's in Metairie before we went to Toys R Us to find a pump. It's a good time to mention- it's national breastfeeding week! We're so lucky to have such an easy nursing relationship. In honor of that and to help other women and children, we're donating 100oz of pumped milk at the end of next week.

Presley had some delicious sushi recently too:

Here is Presley when she stole my glasses!

Sheesh! I have to mention, when Presley is asleep next to me and I'm sitting up, she'll swing her arm over mine. I have a picture but it's not uploaded. It's the sweetest thing ever!

Sometimes, Presley does this thing I call the ballerina. It also goes by the name The Salsa:

Here's Presley in one of her cloth diapers, we just bought 1 bumgenius organic with snaps and 1 fuzzibuns pocket to see which we like better. This is a Tiny Tush Elite One Size Pocket. It's a good diaper but very fluffy so it doesn't fit under pants or onesies. Good for dresses, though.

This is a picture of Presley in her first Feltman Brothers dress. Lori gave it to us and it's GORGEOUS. Again, Presley dresses really well. Rarely does she wear anything out that isn't a gorgeous handmade dress. Yikes!

This next picture is a face I hope I won't see for another few years but I'm sure it'll be a regular occurrence when things don't go her way...

And finally...


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