Friday, August 14, 2009


Presley has been doing a lot of really neat stuff lately. I already mentioned the drool. Thankfully, it is not intense drool but it is drool none the less and it is plentiful. Some other things that are exciting are toy wacking and grabbing/holding. Presley has finally mastered wacking toys with purpose and determination, awkwardly grabbing them, or holding them. She has even thrown a toy once. Here's some pictures of what I mean. I know they're not very good quality but she moves SO MUCH it's hard.

See? She's holding that toy! How fun! She grabs too.

Another milestone, I guess, is putting things in her mouth/licking. The few times Presley has had full command over a toy (and been aware) she has promptly move said toy to her mouth. She also licks things. She licks my shoulder, herself, etc. This is similar to her other new trick, eating her hand. Presley does not like pacifiers. In fact, she hates them more and more every time I attempt to help her calm down with them. This is sad for only one reason: someone got us some very lovely monogrammed pacifiers and I am sad to see them go unused because seeing "Presley" spelled out on her mouth is funny. I am also thrilled. I would not introduce them until after 4-5 weeks because I wanted us to get the hang of breastfeeding first. I guess that's why she hates them. I'm actually glad, though because I hate pacifiers and I think they look funny. Off track, anyways, Presley has been making very wholehearted attempts at sucking her thumb. She has not figured out how to do it yet but is VERY talented at sucking her entire hand. Here is evidence:

Now, what the heck is this thing?

Oh! I know. It is for my consumption, obviously.

Hehe, Presley has been noticing her hands and feet and looks at them as if they are the oddest things she's ever seen. I can't wait until she tries to eat her feet!

Also, Presley's Uncles J and R sent her an adorable fuchsia knit halter dress that she looks PRECIOUS in (see precious two pictures) and an interesting bonnet/head scarf thing that matches.

I forget if I mentioned, but Presley has also started to rub her eyes when she is ready for bed. Awesome for me because I know why she's crying/what she needs.


Oh, by the way, how cute is that diaper? Much cuter than a crinkly pampers with stupid cartoons on it!

Finally, head control. Presley is an expert at holding her head up and now enjoys tummy time much more.

Next on the list, rolling over! Presley showed some major rolling formation today but did not quite pull it off. I think I need to put her down more to practice!

All is well here! Presley is growing every day and appears happy!

Oh! I almost forgot!

Presley had her 2 month well baby visit Monday (albeit, almost 2 weeks too late).

She is:
11 pounds 12 ounces
23.25 inches

She got 2 vaccinations/1 poke because she is on a delayed schedule. Her pediatrician has his own delayed vax schedule which I am VERY thankful for because we wanted to delay/deny vaccinations. We are VERY happy with this situation. No more than 1 poke, no more than 2 vaccines at a time. Fantastic!

I will try and update more but school is starting soon and I am actually quite busy now that Pres is awake more.

Weird face but I LOVE when she does her stretches after she wakes up or when she is tired.

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