Sunday, October 4, 2009

4 months!

I'm so bad at updating, I'm sorry!

Presley is 14 pounds! We have a well baby visit next week so I'll know more then.
She's doing GREAT! She enjoys grabbing people's glasses, she can be carried on my hip, and is really into touching people's faces. She is ALMOST sitting up alone, is super coordinated with her hands (but still awkward), and rolls EVERYWHERE. Rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls. All. Over. The. Place. She still LOVES her baths and recently face planted in the water (she did not FALL, she stuck her head in the water) and did not freak out. She's drooling and teething (but no teeth in sight) and puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. EVERYTHING. She hardly cries unless she is tired or hungry. She's still got red hair. She's perfect. She chats a lot. No pacifier still, occasionally takes a bottle, no solids for 4 more months, so nothing really exciting there.
However, she DID get new clothes for the cool weather. We also got a Beco baby carrier:

I have a picture of her in her Halloween costume but I am going to save it for the actual Halloween day. She's going to be a LadyBabyBug and she looks ADORABLE.

She has these big chunky cheeks like her daddy used to when he was a babe and she's a little firecracker! She has such an attitude. She enjoys playing with toys in her high chair and exersaucer but gets frustrated and upset quickly when the sedentary ones do not come off. She grabs EVERYTHING. And if I didn't mention it, SHE ROLLS EVERYWHERE. Poopy diaper? Let me roll around while you take that off. Bath time? Let me roll OFF THE TOWEL AND TOWARDS THE TUB. Try and put me in that stupid bouncy seat? I'll just flip on my belly.

Oh, and the Bumbo? No way. She's a back archer and it scares me so badly.

She just started to notice Reggie and will pet/grab him/try to eat him. I think they're going to get along. Zeke, on the other hand, is scared of her.

Anyways, I really will try to update more. If anyone wants to add me on Facebook, there are tons of pictures there.

P.S. Cloth diapering is so awesome.

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